Parents Care Program©

Parents Care is a bold new program created by Urban Tech to provide a “smart” classroom in every kid’s home to assure that no one is left out when schools are closed during the pandemic. As a bonus, Urban Tech will train parents to successfully support the online classroom and become a co-equal partner with the school in achieving their student’s academic goals. Parents will receive an honorarium for their time and efforts.

Urban Tech is committed to making this happen across New York City beginning in January 2021 and has selected five schools in Brooklyn to launch its online learning system and remote services model. Upon completion, Urban Tech will scale out across the City and beyond with its partners to end the sidelining of under-resourced families, primarily brown and black, who do not have the technological tools to succeed during the pandemic. We are excited about this program and the long-term advantages of Parents Care as we prepare all members of the family for the tech-based economy that will follow.

Won’t you join us in our efforts to close the gap and support a school or a household? Our children need our help now more than ever.