The National Urban Technology Center Inc. (Urban Tech) is a registered 501c3 not for profit, established in 1995 to close the digital divide by preparing students, families, and community residents with the technological and social emotional skills needed to succeed academically and professionally.

Computer Science & STEM

We inspire communities of students, parents, and teachers to see themselves as creators and leaders in the tech industry.

Social Emotional Learning

Our Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) programming helps to develop knowledge, critical reflection, and empathic behavior for a more supportive learning environment.

Family Engagement Network

Our model invests in learning for the entire family unit. Our initiatives are inclusive of parents and guardians to support educational and professional development.

Who Do We Serve?

We create solutions for students that recognize their value to society, regardless of their social background, by providing an interactive curriculum that reflects the student’s personal experiences, ideas, and dreams.


Delivering products and programs to engage student inquiry and imagination.


Enabling interactive classroom activities for individual students, small groups and whole class modules.


Enhancing classroom activities with at home engagement.

Community Partners

Integrating academic and service opportunities that lead to improved student performance and healthier communities.

Our History​

For 25 years, Urban Tech has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for success in disadvantaged communities.

With its SEEDTECH Program, founded in 1995, Urban Tech focused on providing underrepresented populations living in poverty with the technology and leadership skills they needed to build better futures for themselves and their families. Through SEEDTECH, juvenile offenders transitioned from a life of crime to academic achievement and community service, and senior citizens became trainers in SEEDTECH centers to provide intergenerational support to young people.In 2000, Urban Tech launched the Youth Leadership Academy ® (YLA) to provide students in those same communities with social and emotional skills to improve personal growth and leadership. YLA has trained 600,000 students in afterschool programs through NYCHA, and in 500 schools across the country.

A pilot study of YLA found a 26% increase in attendance rates, 46% increase in reading scores, 40% increase in math scores, and a 67% increase in graduation rates after introducing the curriculum, as well as increases in self-esteem, self-efficacy, and pro-social behaviors.

Through YLA’s comprehensive professional development programs, faculty have reported significant improvements, including increased awareness of students’ social-emotional needs, effective technology platforms for teaching these skills, and improved life and leadership skills. Additionally, YLA’s family engagement focus facilitated better relationships between and among administrators, faculty, parents and families.

"Urban Tech's program is giving us and our students a voice. It provides a platform for character development that will support our students' empowerment as agents of change and effective leaders in our school community, in their neighborhood, and perhaps even on the world stage."

Keisha Ramrattan

Teacher at MS 354 in Brooklyn, NY

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