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An intuitive interface means training feels right from the very first click. And with easy access on any device, learners jump in anytime, anywhere. Feel good introducing a tool that people actually use.

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Teams embrace training when it’s relevant. Personalize their experience to match your branding and localize to your users’ languages for training that feels like it’s built just for them.

APOLLO (A Portfolio of Life Skills and Learning Outcomes) is an online, student-centered tool for enrolling youth and tracking individual outcomes. Whether you are an educator, program sponsor, school principal, youth program administrator, parent or mentor, APOLLO empowers you to see program outcomes and access real student work with a few mouse clicks. You can now explore the richness of students’ work without relying solely on a numerical assessment of the student’s accomplishment.

APOLLO gives instructors the means to assess, intervene and provide options for improving student learning during the program. It measures both quantitative and qualitative outcomes and tracks the performance of YLA participants in the following ways:

  • E-Journal
  • Daily Pulse
  • Online Student Web Folders
  • Online Competency Tests
  • Pre-Post Quizzes
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaires
  • Digital Student Portfolios
  • Graphical Reports


APOLLO yields highly reliable data because data collection of participant progress and program outcomes is automatic, online and real-time. Parents and other caregivers are empowered to participate in YLA by having access to view student portfolios and support students in the program.

APOLLO can help you to provide the outcomes data that donors require in order to justify continued funding for your programs, obtain new support to expand the activities or extend the reach of your programs, as well as build the credibility of your existing programs and your organizations’ reputation for serving the community.