Executive Principal Leadership Institute (EPLI)

The Executive Leadership Principal Leadership Institute (EPLI) is a 12-month intensive program developed and offered through The National Urban Technology Center ® (Urban Tech) to enhance the talents of school principals and assistant principals with executive leadership skills aligned to the attributes of successful corporate executives. This transformational approach to principal leadership is designed to elicit the very best from school administrators faced with the enormous challenge of overseeing high-needs schools.

EPLI is an executive leadership development program that is designed to meet several over-arching goals:

  • Create the conditions for improved principal retention. Retention can save U.S. school districts $163 million annually and improve learning for the most at-risk student populations;
  • Improve and ultimately sustain exemplary principal leadership competencies for transforming their schools into high achieving 21st Century national centers of excellence by teaching the attributes of successful corporate executives;
  • Customize user-friendly technology solutions and decision-support tools to provide assessment data principals need to successfully operate their schools;
  • Create the conditions for improved student achievement and family engagement by adapting teaching and learning to individual student needs.