Connecting Students to

Social & Emotional Learning

YLA offers a multimedia online program to teach Essential Life & Social Skills. Choose from 12 innovative and easy to use online courses aligned with Common Core Standards. Education through the power of technology.

YLA Series Bundle - ages 8+
The YLA Series Bundle is intended for students in third grade and above. The program empowers young people by opening doors to education and career options and raises their self-esteem so that they become comfortable pursuing new opportunities. The YLA Series Bundle includes nine (9) theme-based social and emotional competencies that use story-telling, reading and writing comprehension, discussion groups, situation analysis and contemporary music and games to help students succeed.

Appreciate diverse and unique backgrounds of team members and the importance of uniting around a common goal.


Build skills in anger management, perspective-taking, and problem-solving strategies.


Learn the benefits of saving money, investing, and making smart financial decisions.


Identify the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of an unhealthy one.


Learn to build a vision for a community that will improve education and quality of life for its residents.


Learn that dress and presentation convey a message about self-concept.


Develop goal-setting skills, identify learning preferences, and build confidence, resilience and perseverance in ability to succeed.


Recognize the relationship between education, careers and lifestyle.

Teen Health Bundle - ages 13+
The Teen Health Bundle expands the curriculum for students in eighth grade and above to cover topics surrounding intimate relationships and substance abuse. The primary goal of these three (3) curriculum modules is to keep students healthy and safe by removing the stigma attached to these conversations. The Teen Health Bundle includes many of the tools required to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and resolve personal conflicts in a positive way.


Foster healthy relationships that contribute to feelings of self-worth and provide approaches to navigate teen-dating and prevent sexual harassment and gender bias.


Understand the physical, emotional and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol.


Learn how to identify the different types of STDs and discuss the difference between HIV and AIDS.

With our program, you can:
Improve Attitiudes
Greater motivation to learn and commitment to school and classroom behavior.
Promote Prosocial Behavior
Develop character-based values and skills for goal-setting, collaboration, and building supportive and caring relationships.
Enhance Academics
Increased attendance, homework preparedness, and graduation rates over students who did not receive YLA in a contained NY/NJ study.
Decrease Negative Behaviors
Improve self awareness and self-management; decrease disruptive behavior, noncompliance, and aggression in the classroom.
Teach Empathy
Interactive role-playing and reflection activities that foster classroom community-building, relationship skills, and improve school climate.
Foster Resilience
Promote growth-mindset and build skills in collaboration and classroom reflection.

Our Track Record & Success

Evaluators have said that Teachers, Principals and Parents are excited about how quickly they see results when using our technology to awaken students and inspire them to become lifeling learners and leaders in their communities.

YLA Outcomes

  • Teaching consequences of at-risk behavior
  • Improving communication & tolerance across cultures
  • Using technology as a tool to motivate & improve learning
  • Increasing grades & graduation rates
Impact of YLA in the classroom