Get Healthy, Get Smart

Get Healthy, Get Smart! (GHGS) is a comprehensive holistic wellness program developed by Urban Tech that is being implemented in New York City middle and high schools to increase the awareness of childhood obesity, a leading cause of diabetes, hypertension and cancer. We teach students how to make healthy choices and adopt new behaviors that will eliminate the root causes. Download the e-flyer here.

Development of healthy habits are accomplished through the integration of Urban Tech’s multimedia Youth Leadership Academy’s (YLA) Get Healthy, Get Smart! series into the NY City Department of Education’s core science curriculum for each participating grade. The series includes lessons in:





Learning Components

Computer learning activities are fully integrated with the animated life skills curriculum acting as a central medium for education and skill-building. Students communicate their ideas using web design and PowerPoint; collect and analyze data using spreadsheets; and access the vast resources of the Internet for research using browsers and search engines.

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