With Urban Tech’s digital programs, students from grades K-12, are able to increase their computer literacy while learning how to become good citizens develop leadership skills and become advocates for change in the community. Our award-winning curriculum is accessible 24/7. The secure online learning and information management system, enrolls students in the program and provides performance tracking using student portfolios, records attendance and computer competency scores and measures daily classroom behavior as a proxy for social development. All support documentation is available online.

The Importance of an Early Introduction to Social
and Emotional Learning

Engagement & Enrichment

Students need practice in reading, writing, conversation and listening as well as social cues to help learning. But they also need engagement and enrichment to help learn the basics and the more complex interactions that go on with language and communication.

YLA speaks to students:

  • Full animated videos and broken down clips - teachers can play a full video or go through the video in shorter, easier to understand clips

  • Written text for verbal dialogue - each video also plays out the text version of the words to make it easier for new language learners to hear but also see the spoken words

  • Short and longer texts for reading comprehension - module materials and Instructor Notes spell out several options to expand and contract reading passages for tailored reading delivery

  • Writing Practice - personal journals online or journal questions for offline writing allow students to practice their language or their writing or both

  • Discussion topics - break out small groups of students or pairs to talk through topics - students helping students practice