Inaugural Blog

Welcome to our new blog. For 20 years, we’ve pursued a goal to help underprivileged kids bridge the digital divide and develop Life Skills. The “digital divide” seems pretty self explanatory, but what the heck are “Life Skills,” anyway?

Life Skills cover the Social and Emotional Learning (“SEL”) aspects of education, including tools for developing Student Leadership & Team Building, Bullying Prevention & Conflict Resolution, as well as practical aptitudes such as Financial Literacy and How to Plan for College & Careers.

To this day, it astonishes us how little consideration is given to these critical skills by most school districts and their administrators, while most teachers not only understand the importance of Life Skills; those who impart them witness concrete, quantifiable benefits that correlate to increased academic performance, as well. But in the Teach to the Test environment our society has implemented, little bandwidth remains for those subjects that are not tested.

It is up to parents and teachers (and anyone else who reads the compelling research data showing the benefits of SEL) to make the case in their own districts and schools. We cannot leave it to the policymakers to understand the importance of prioritizing skills which are commonly regarded as extracurricular.

Thanks so much for checking us out. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy!