Urban Tech is a social enterprise committed to “investing in today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders.” We do this by creating solutions for students that:

  • Recognize their value to society, their stories, ideas and dreams
  • Utilize animation, their language, music and games to enrich and engage students in learning
  • Use social skills and standards-based curriculum adapted to their needs for academic improvement
  • Provide opportunities for improved health, digital literacy, financial education and 21st century careers
  • Prevent bullying and discrimination and by facilitating social and emotional learning that leads to improved academic outcomes.
  • Invest in their schools by providing support to teachers and parents to further support student education

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The National Urban Technology Center, Inc. (Urban Tech), a not-for-profit educational corporation, was established in 1995 to develop innovative computer training programs and build academic and financial literacy skills of underserved youth. Through its Youth Leadership Academy® (YLA) and Dignity for All program, students develop the necessary skills for life effectiveness.

Technology is changing the way our children think, communicate, and live their lives. To reach them, Urban Tech is investing in new digital programs for social and emotional skills to help them regulate their emotions, interact well with their peers, make responsible decisions, and persevere through hardship and difficulties. We have created Dignity for All and the Executive Principal Leadership Institute (EPLI) to build school leadership and prevent discrimination, harassment and bullying in schools that interfere with students’ educational performance. We need your help to give every student, especially at risk students, the tools they need to connect to opportunities that develop tomorrow’s leaders.