Urban Tech is a social enterprise committed to changing the game in education by creating solutions for students that:

  • Recognize their value to society, their stories, ideas and dreams
  • Utilize animation, their language, music and games to enrich and engage students in learning
  • Use social skills and standards-based curriculum adapted to their needs for academic improvement
  • Provide opportunities for improved health, digital literacy, financial education and 21st century careers
  • Invest in their schools by providing support to teachers and parents to further support student education

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Literacy is no longer about simply reading, writing and calculation skills. Urban Tech believes by providing young people with the tools they need to make smart decisions, they are equipping them with the tools to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Literacy is comprised of a multi-faceted set of skills that enable a young person to navigate and manage the world in which they live. A new Urban Tech programmatic focus, Reimagining Literacy, provides guidance and instruction in a broad array of skills including communications, finance, digital, social and emotional literacy.